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What’s the Difference between Solar Shades at Night and During the Day?

Because solar shades are designed to let light in and not block your view, these window treatments actually provide better privacy during the day – you can see out your window, but a passersby cannot see in. At night, when the lights are on in your home, this effect is reversed and the shades become somewhat transparent.

For this reason, we suggest layering your solar shades with curtains or even a second shade in rooms where absolute privacy is a concern.

What are the Best Rooms for Solar Shades?

Because they do not provide absolute privacy, we generally do not recommend solar shades for bedrooms or bathrooms. However, solar shades are an excellent option for most other rooms. You see, natural light benefits our alertness, mood, productivity, sleep patterns, and many aspects of our physiology.

Living Room: No space without natural light is worthy of human occupation. This goes double for the living room, which is why solar shades make a lot of sense here. These window treatments not only reduce glare, but they also block harmful UV rays, which have been known to damage furniture and even flooring. In fact, solar shades block 90-99% of harmful UV rays.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, great lighting is really important. And what lighting source is better than the sun? Solar shades are great in the kitchen as they allow sunlight to illuminate your room, while reducing glare and harmful UV rays.

Sunroom/Patio: Sunrooms let you enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own, climate-controlled home. And because your sunroom is made up of primarily windows, the window treatments you choose can have a profound effect on the room’s aesthetic appeal and function. This is why solar shades make the most sense. They allow you to reap the benefits of all of those windows without suffering harsh glare or harmful UV rays.

Businesses: Solar shades are also an excellent option for office buildings, as they reduce debilitating glare on computer screens; restaurants, as they allow patrons to take in the view; and doctor’s offices as they are aesthetically appealing, durable, and easy to clean.

Solar shades are the perfect solution because they indeed are one of the most versatile, most practical window coverings. They are not the best selection if you want privacy. Cellular shades and horizontal blinds are much better selections if your primary concern is privacy.

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