• We specialize in custom draperies

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  • Made in our on-site showroom

  • Thousands of fabric samples to choose from

  • You are sure to find your perfect coverings

Custom Drapery

Attention to detail completes a room and makes a house a home. What you do with your windows can accomplish that goal, while delivering the message that you care. Bring in a designer to help you with gorgeous custom draperies, like the ones we specialize in at Dyler’s Window Fashions.

One thing you can do with your windows is outfitted them with gorgeous custom draperies, like the ones we specialize in at Dyler’s Window Fashions. If you live in or near Victoria, you owe it to yourself to find out if our custom draperies can be that last little touch for your home.

Why Custom Draperies?

There are a lot of advantages to going with custom draperies over ready-made:

  • You have an unlimited choice when it comes to fabric, color, and texture, so it’s no problem to find exactly the right match for a room’s decor.
  • Similarly, custom draperies are tailored to exactly fit the windows you need them for; ready-made drapes tend to come in a few standard dimensions that may be too short or narrow for your windows if they don’t fall neatly into one of those sizes
  • .It’s as true with draperies as it is with anything: something mass-produced and ready-made is simply never going to look as good or be as high-quality as something custom-made with attention and care. With draperies, this difference can usually be seen in areas like the quality and heft of the lining, and the detailed workmanship that you just don’t get with ready-made.

Our Custom Draperies

At Dyler’s Window Fashions, we make all of our custom draperies in our on-site workroom, from high-quality fabrics like Robert Allen and Kravet. If you stop by our showroom, you can browse through thousands of fabric samples, and we’ll work with you to find exactly the look and fit to suit your needs.

To learn more about our custom draperies, as well as our other services, please feel free to get in touch!