Sliding Panels

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  • Great for wide windows, patio doors & room dividers

  • Create a harmony of style in any space

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels are a modern and functioning way to create a harmony of style in any space. Great for wide windows, patio doors or room dividers, these unique panels come in fabrics features in the Roman, Roller and Natural Shade collections – guaranteeing seamless coordination throughout your home.

Sliding panels (panel track blinds) are a great solution for window treatment in Victoria because they’re both stylish and functional. Keep the dimensions of your windows or doors in mind to get the appropriate sliding panels.

Also referred to as panel track blinds, sliding panels are one of the best window treatments, especially for wide windows in Victoria. In addition to giving the room a chic aesthetic, they are easy to operate and are available in a wide variety of fabric options. Typical sliding panels consist of vertical panels of fabric fixed on tracks that you can slide in either direction to cover or uncover your window.

If you want to make a powerful style statement or stylishly coordinate with your existing home décor, sliding panels are a solid choice. The numerous fabric options for panel track blinds can coordinate with various roller shades. To control the amount of light that makes its way into the room, you can choose between blackout, light-filtering, and solar fabrics for your sliding panels.

Options available for opening/closing the sliding panel blinds include a cord loop, wand, or motorized mechanism. The shades can open from right to left, left to right, or split from the center to both directions. Adding a fabric wrapped in cornice or valance can cover the exposed track and give your sliding panels a more finished look.

What to consider when choosing sliding panels

  • Before investing money in panel track blinds, it’s often a good idea to research all the options available and, if possible, seek guidance from a home décor designer.
  • Nearly all panel blinds for doors require an outside mount for installation. You may have to install the panel blinds on the wall above because most doors don’t have enough space for the mount.
  • To make sure your window is fully uncovered at times, make sure you get sliding panel window treatment with enough additional width so that it can overlap the wall when retracted.

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