Solar Shades

Solar shades are a popular choice in Victoria as they are often referred to as screen shades. But what are they, and when are solar shades the perfect selection for your home or office? 

What is a Solar Shade?
Solar screen shades are in the roller shade family. The parts and operation of a screen shade are identical to that of a roller shade. This means that cord-free solar shades and motorized solar shades are options. 

The majority of screen shade fabrics are a composition of fiberglass, vinyl, and polyester. The form of the material is essential because it allows screen shades to be useful in reducing solar heat gain and protecting against UV damage. Screen shades are designed and created to soak up and disappear 65 to 90 percent of the sun’s heat and glare.   

Solar screen shades are one of the few custom window treatments that allow for a full view when the procedure is completely closed. For example, even when the slats of a horizontal blind are tilted to an open position, the view out is still slightly obstructed by the supports. To have an unobstructed view, you would have to lift the horizontal blinds.  

Solar shades have a wide variety of opacities – often referred to as the “openness factor.” The openness factor decides how much light is let in, and how quickly you can view out the shade when it is fully closed. A low openness factor will provide a higher level of light control, but a lower level of view out. Conversely, a high openness factor will provide a lower level of light control, but a higher level of view out.  

When a Solar Shade is Ideal

  • When you have east or west-facing windows, but still want a view
  • When you have furniture close to your windows
  • When you have wide windows
  • When you want a roller shade for exterior use
  • When you want a fire retardant & antimicrobial roller shade

Solar shades are the perfect solution because they indeed are one of the most versatile, most practical window coverings. They are not the best selection if you want privacy. Cellular shades and horizontal blinds are much better selections if your primary concern is privacy. 

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