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Roman Shades

Roman shades are some of the most elegant and classy shades out of all types of shades. They are extremely decorative and their appearance cannot be matched to any other, especially in beautiful Victoria. There are different types of the Roman Shades; flat (classic) shades, batten back, batten front and hobbled (looped). Roman Shades can be made with different types of material like silk, cotton and linen. You can have the Roman Shades customized however you like. 

Hobbled Roman Shades 

Hobbled Roman shades are soft and when fully extended, they have overlapping folds/ loops. Their design resembles a look of drapery with their cascade and flowing look. Using the right design for the right setting gives the room an appeal that cannot be matched by any other kind of window treatments. 

Flat (Classic) Roman Shades 

This type of Roman Shades is made of a fabric panel that aligns itself flat against the window. It forms neatly piled folds when extended that resemble an accordion whenever they are raised. They can appear as a single solid piece or have pleats visible when the shade is raised fully. 


There are a variety of ways to customize your Roman shades to suite the requirements of your decor. The first way to achieve this is to embellish the bottoms of the shades by curving the bottom and this is commonly referred to as European style, you can have a vertical gathering placed in the middle and have other varieties like a bottom that will spread out. You can also add other decorative features like beads, tassels or fringe. 

You can also choose shades of different colors and have them made with whatever design you desire like having them classically woven, have bold statement colors and choose whatever textures you desire on the shades. Aside from choosing the design and colors, you can also regulate the lighting they provide in the room and the privacy they provide by adding extra fabric and adding or reducing the number of folds. 

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