Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

  • Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

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  • Light & privacy control without compromise

  • Block out harsh sun rays

  • Change from opaque to sheer instantly

Top Down / Bottom Up Shades

Top down, bottom up shades are just that – they allow you to lower the top portion of your shades, and roll up the lower portion of your shades. They are useful when you are looking for an unobstructed view of your window, but still want to maintain some sort of privacy. Typically, these sort of shades still operate with a traditional pull cord, continuous cord loop, or with enhanced motorized controls. There are different types and styles of top down, bottom up shades.

The most popular type of shades is the honeycomb cellular. They are lightweight, block minimal light, while still offering a sense of seclusion. These are ideal for living areas. They won’t block outside light completely or cause a blackout in a room. There are also innovative designs that move the holding cords against the outside edge of the window, minimizing light from the top of the shades.

Another type of top down, bottom up shade are called trilight. These actually use a combination of sheer shades, which may include the typical honeycomb cellular or Roman shades. These offer superior privacy when compared to other shades, due to there is a sheer shade that is lowered to fill in any gaps. For an enhanced experience, trilight shades are often cordless.

About Dyler’s Window Fashions

Catering to the Victoria, BC area, Dyler’s Window Fashions specializes in blinds, shades, sheers, shutters, and home draperies. Our top down, bottom up shades are designed to not only offer a layer of privacy to your living areas but also add to its aesthetic and block the bright sun whenever you see fit. Our top down, bottom up shades can be installed in bedrooms, living room, and kitchens. For the perfect solution for your home, call us today!