Faux Wood Blinds

  • Wood & Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

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  • Available in a broad assortment of stains & paints

  • Available in many different slat sizes

  • Complements the styling of any room

Wood & Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Horizontal wood and faux wood venetian blinds are available in many different slat sizes ensuring you find something to complement the styling of your room. These blinds are also available in a broad assortment of stains and paints so you will be guaranteed to find the look you desire.

With the many different beach homes out here in beautiful Victoria, faux wood is an excellent alternative to real wood. With the damp ocean breeze, water and moisture can get trapped inside most cellular shades making Faux wood an excellent choice. Faux wood can offer the style and look of real wood but the durability of vinyl slats. 

Faux wood is made out of PVC and can withstand the humidity and moisture. They are light in weight making it great for large windows. This durable product has smooth or textured finishes available in an extensive variety of colors; whites, neutrals, and wood tones. Easily darken your room adding intimacy and privacy. Faux woods blinds can also be an insulator. The blinds will differ from a shade insulator because the blind is something you can tilt open and close, meaning you have more flexibility when it comes to the harsh summer sun. 

If you like blinds but want more style options, Faux wood is an obvious choice. Faux wood allows you to choose a two-inch horizontal blinds that is light weight and durable and with a rubber base coating on top of the slate blind it can easily darken a room. 

Our faux wood blinds provide a durable, yet versatile solution for your windows. Stay on budget, but get the durability and style to beautify your home. 

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