Silhouette & Nantucket

  • Silhouette & Nantucket Sheers

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  • Transform sunlight into remarkable beauty

  • Block harmful UV rays

  • Add a warm glow to your space

Silhouette & Nantucket Sheers

Silhouette & Nantucket shades by Hunter Douglas transform sunlight into remarkable beauty. Suspended in between two sheers, the fabric vane offers precise lighting control that will add a warm glow to your space, while blocking harmful UV rays.

The windows in your home should provide enough light and privacy so you are comfortable. While there are many shading options available, Hunter Douglas Silhouette and Nantucket window shadings offer great quality and innovation at an affordable price.

The Perfect Shade Solution

hunter douglas silhouetteSilhouette and Nantucket window shadings are a great choice because they’re such a fluid shading solution. These window shadings assure privacy and manage light beautifully. Vanes tilt to the desired angle.  View to the exterior is clear, while the view from the outside is obscured during the day, giving you maximum privacy.

Silhouette and Nantucket shades come in a wide array of colours and finishes, ensuring they’ll blend seamlessly into the room. Hunter Douglas’s head rails are slimmer than others, making it easy to combine Hunter Douglas shadings with other window treatments.

Silhouette and Nantucket are two of the best products for showcasing the beautiful view your home has to offer. When open, they are much less obtrusive than other shades due to the wide spacing between vanes. Hunter Douglas’ signature S-vanes disperse sunlight deep into a room, reducing the need for electric lights. The exterior fabric reflects the sun’s heat, helping to keep the room’s temperatures comfortable.

Many window treatments are constructed of fabric that has a certain amount of texture to it. This can create what’s called the moiré effect, producing distracting patterns of light and obstructing your view. Hunter Douglas products are made with what is called anti-moiré fabric, which creates diffused light in your home and offers a clear view of your yard even when your shades are pulled down.

Silhouette and Nantucket shadings provide UV protection without compromising views. Also, interior furniture and carpets are shielded from direct sunlight, preventing them from fading.

If you’re thinking about Silhouette and Nantucket for your bedroom, they also provide excellent blackout options, as well. This provides you with a relaxing, private environment, great for a good night’s sleep.

Why Us?

Dyler’s Window Fashions is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the Greater Victoria area for over 40 years. When you walk into our store you know you’re getting quality service at the best possible price. We are a certified carrier of Hunter Douglas products and can offer a range of selection for your home.  If you have any questions about Silhouette or Nuntucketshades, please stop into our showroom or give us a call. We are happy to help find you the perfect shade solution.