Natural Shades

  • Natural Shades

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  • Inspired by the Earth’s natural elements

  • Bring a unique style to your home

Natural Shades

Natural shades are inspired by the earth’s natural elements. Constructed from renewable sources including bamboo, jute and grasses, these shades are designed to bring a unique style to your home.

Introducing natural shades made from nature’s finest and renewable materials such as bamboo, grass, and Jute. The elegant shades are designed to give your house in Victoria a stylish look while serving their purpose—light filtering or room darkening to be precise.

They come in a variety of control options, which include

  • Cordless
  • Corded
  • Cordloop

At Dyler’s, we have two popular and trendy designs sought out by most people and they include

Custom Natural Shades

  • Integrates textured fabrics made from exquisite bamboo, grass, or jute
  • Come in matching fabrics to give your house that uniform look you have always wanted
  • Blocks or filters light to create that warm and inviting indoor environment not to mention giving you privacy

Stock Natural Woven Shades

  • Compliments a wide range of decorating styles for people with a sense of fashion and class
  • Trimmable widths, which is done free after shopping to fit different window sizes.
  • Customized colors to choose from
  • Warm and inviting textured fabrics shade that naturally accents floor and furniture.

Why Go for our Natural Shades?

  • Stylish-Add a touch of class and show a high sense of fashion to your home with these elegant designs
  • Environmental-friendly-Go green to save the planet. Our natural shades are made from renewable and degradable bamboo, grass, or chute indicating our unparalleled commitment to protect our environment
  • Light filtering-Get two for the price of one. Gives the best privacy without blocking natural light.
  • Room Darkening-The designs help to block light. Comes in handy in bedroom windows
  • Customization-Natural shades come in a variety of colors styles. Get matching fabrics for a uniform house. Furthermore, they are customized in accordance to

At Dyler’s we bring you the best of the best natural shades. We get you premium designs at an affordable price. If you want your house to stand out in the neighborhood, visit us or call us on (250) 381-2122.